Business Interests

With the years of experience in developing venture initiatives, Kohinoor Group has successfully expanded its business into a variety of areas. With the current changes in the economy and the shifting behavior of trade, Kohinoor Group is looking forward to growing its business by seizing upcoming opportunities.



The ever-evolving market is always open to new competition. Our aim is to take advantage of this opportunity and expand our trading business according to the shift in consumer demand and market behaviour.

Focus Area

Textiles |  Automotive |  Gabbro Aggregate



Good products and services at reasonable prices will always be in demand. The motto of providing value for money products is the reason behind our customers’ loyalty. Going forward, our vision for the retail business will remain the same.

Focus Area


Real Estate


All estimations show that the real estate industry will see a major boom in the coming years. Taking this along with our experience as a positive sign, we are confident in choosing projects with potential.

Focus Area

Real Estate Development | Property Management



Innovations are predicted to transform the global mining industry over the coming years, growth is an inevitable process in such situations. We believe that this is a critical period for investing in the business.

Focus Area

Mining | Crusher Management



The world is undergoing a major shift and this scenario, the hospitality industry has a large scope for improvement. We see this as an opportunity to learn from our existing businesses and expand according to future needs.

Focus Area

Hospitality Management | Restaurants | Hotels & Resorts


Since Inception, the Kohinoor Group has successfully set up around 20 different business ventures in India and the Middle East.