Since 1965

Humble Beginnings

Our founder MN Moideen Kutty Haji began textiles trading at Tirurangadi in the Malabar region in 1965


Expanding to Gulf

Current Chairman, MN Abdul Rasheed embarked textiles trading and the first retail store in Riyadh, KSA in 1981; under the brand names “Kohinoor Textiles” and “Kohinoor Garments”. Two decades from then, the group expanded into real estate, hospitality, and trading of car accessories with active operations in India and Middle East.

Emerging Opportunities

Starting in 2008 hitherto, MN Ummer Farook Abdul Rasheed, CEO of Kohinoor Holdings, led the diversification of business interests into emerging opportunities in Middle East and India such as aggregate mining and hospitality management; and private equity finance.

About Us

Our customers are what makes us. Honouring that loyalty with quality and integrity is our duty.